Last night we drove through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park … in the dark … and in the snow, ice, and fog … and less than 30 mph. It was treacherous … and wearing on the nerves . In fact, I found myself getting very anxious and uptight. That’s a lot for someone who prides himself for being Mr. Calm, cool, and collected. So I have discovered some new stuff in me to work on this year. And you know, I can’t accomplish the task alone; I need God’s help. But with His help, I can break this thing.

We had a difficult day all around yesterday. We visited Cheri’s mom in the nursing home and she is really seeming;y going downhill rapidly … at least her mind. That is never a beautiful observation.

Then Cheri fell as we loaded some furniture in a storage building … so she is now experiencing soreness from that.


But God is with us and guiding us and I know all WILL BE well.