What a great day. It actually started last night when we got to the hotel in Chicago by the airport. We worked on our teachings for the retreat and then went to bed … around 11 PM … only for Cheri to wake up at 2 so we could be out to the airport by 3:30. (And, yes, you are correct, that’s only two hours of sleep.) I had fussed and grumbled about paying extra to pre-book our seats but, on both flights, we had side-by-side exit row seats that were three to a section, and the third person didn’t show up. We had leg room and side space to stretch out in.) Talk about the favor of God!

We had two great flights from Chicago O’Hare and Fort Lauderdale. Chicago was in single digits when we left; Ft. Lauderdale was 38, but Bogota was 82 …wow! Again, I feel as if we’re walking in God’s favor.

We were met at the airport by Leila Oroszco, the Julio picked us up. We got to the house around 4 PM and went and ate at Crepe’s and Waffles. Cheri has langastinos and guanabana leche while I had pollo de curry and jugo de mandarina. We ate with our Bogota family which includes JUlio, Leila, Laura, Carolina and Carlos, and Daniella. They are such a wonderful family and friends.

WE are often asked when we come here if we feel in danger and the honest answer is “no.” we are so well taken care of and watched over that danger is never even considered.

Anyway, not much else has happened but, on a tragic note, we have discovered that Cheri’s Grandmother Mackey passed away early this evening and we found out that my dear friend Rick lost his 5-day old granddaughter Riker today due to complications at birth. I know that God is with both families during this difficult time.

I am going to turn in for the evening. Sleep seems precious right now. We look forward to having Breakfast with Pastor Pedro from Medellin tomorrow AM. I don;t know fully what God has in store but I do know it’s good.