Today was another great day in our South American Journey. We began the day by meeting Pastor Pedro from Medellin for breakfast. (For all of my CLC family, we are fasting 21 days with you, but we began last week because we knew we would be guests of the Orozco family here in Bogota. So we took a 7 day fast, took 7 days off, and will continue with you on days 8-21.) For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with ham, a delicious homemade bread filled with nuetella spread, papaya, cafe con leche, and jugo de naranja. Then we met with Pastor Pedro with Julio as our interpreter for about an hour and a half to discuss our plans for our upcoming Medellin missions journey in April 2010.

Afterwards, we went to the local Christian school and reacquainted ourselves with old friends, as well as met new friends. (It was especially good to see school pastor Juan Carlos who was so vital to last year;s retreat.) Additionally, we met our interpreter for the week who took us to the Colombian Botanical gardens and the Museo Nacional de Colombia. We also had lunch together and a cup of cafe leche together. It was a good experience to meet Dianna and to learn each other’s nuances of speech. (She did help Cheri and me with our Spanish but much more is needed.) We were also accompanied by our new “little sister” Daniella who promised to be our interpreter in Medellin in April … at least for Cheri as she ministers to the mothers there. (Btw, for lunch, we ate at La Cucharita Columbiana where Cheri had a traditional Columbian meal, Bandeju Paisa with limonada natural and I had Pechga de Pollo con light frutas [melon y papaya], ensalada, y papas accomanied also with limonada natural. Of course, we both had to have some chicarron y zarapitas.

It seemed awkward, but afterwards, we gave our left-overs to three homeless gentlemen across the street; they were so thankful. (I have never done this before but found that many Christians there do that very thing and it seemed very right to follow suit.

I did get cussed out in Spanish from a local street vendor who wanted to sell me his wares; I was tired and not buying … so he was angry with this Rolex-wearing man from the USA. (btw, I don’t own a Rolex; I wear a $89.99 Fossil watch my daughter gave me one Father’s Day.)

In the evening, Dianna’s husband Andres, drove us back to the house. On the way, we participated in the carnage that is traffic in Bogota. (We missed all of that yesterday because it was a holiday.) I can’t believe they actually drive like this … and all of those motor cycles, wow!

We spent a quiet evening at the house resting, checking emails, and further preparing for the retreat.

We are very excited with what God has brought us here to do and we anticipate His ministry through us to these wonderful leaders and teachers of Latin American Christian Schools.

I am not sure we will be able to blog Wednesday evening because I do not know what internet accessibility looks like at the Conference Center … but I will be sure to write the blog, even if I cannot post until later.