What a great but tiring day this has been.

After spending much of yesterday getting to know our two translators, we found ourselves worn completely out. So we went to the church today and walked around the campus, then turned our attention to a small town name Sopo. It is a typical little Colombian town so we walked around a little and took a lot of pictures. Cheri and I love our Colombian family so we made sure to take pictures with them and of them. The we had lunch at an Argentine restaurant where I had Porkkys which is bar-be-qued Pork loin (and I rarely eat pork) accompanied by papas with sour cream. Additionally, I had another wonderful fruit juice from Colombia, mango, while Cheri had a jugo de Pina. She also had a filet minon which was absolutely delicious. On the way out, we stopped at the milk factory store named Alpin and purchased a few snacks for the road. Wow, the pastries and custard stuff was incredible. I have no idea what we ordered but I do know that it was delicious. (BTW, we had eaten breakfast at Julio’s and had mandarina juice, chocolat, huevos y pan. Is it starting to sound like all we did was eat? We did eat a lot but Colombian food is so good.) We also got to see Raphael again. He is a good guy and I look forward to seeing him at the retreat.

When we got back home, we re-packed to head to the retreat. It is about a 2 1/2-3 hour ride from the school (depending upon the traffic) and we had to take a bus to get there. The bus was packed and the driving was night-mare-ish. (How do you drive 5 vehicles side-by-side in a 3-lane road. I don’t know but I saw it more times than I care to remember.) We went over the mountains along long windy roads to the small village of Sasaima. (I did notice some military activity along the side of the road. It was dark but I could see 20-30 soldiers seated along the road. I have no idea what forces they served with but I was reassured of God’s presence with me when I noticed that I still had no fear.) The retreat center we travelled to once belonged to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries 20 or so years ago  and it is absolutely beautiful. It is teeming with natural fruit trees of every kind you can imagine. It also has some of the most beautiful birds living naturally on the grounds. I fell in love with the wild, yellow canaries that love to sit in the ceiling of the worship center when Cheri is speaking. I didn’t notice them with me, but then again, I was preaching.

We settled into our rooms and ate again. And then we went and had about an hour of praise and worship and prayer. It was an awesome time and let everyone know what we were there for.

I meant to write this journal entry Wednesday evening, but by the time me head hit the pillow, I was gone. CHeri was too.

Day 4 we will begin our times of teaching and preaching.