We are now facing our last day here in Bogota.

We knew it was going to be a rushed day but had no idea how rushed.

One lady wanted to take us out because I had brought her son into the US to go to school. She was to meet us at 9:30 after a 9 AM breakfast of cafe, juice of some origin I do not remember, huevos, pan y kiwi and papaya. Breakfast was delayed by 15 minutes, and she, too, was delayed by 15 minutes.

Then we got in a taxi and headed for the Bogota museum of Gold. (Note to self- Jim, you do not fit in Bogota taxis … just deal with it.) Come to find out, the taxi driver did not know where the museum of gold was located and ended up dropping us off at the national museum … where we went Tuesday.

So we had to take another taxi to the museum of gold. What was really fascinating is how proud the Colombian people are of their heritage. This lady, and another with her, proudly showed us artifacts of their heritage, even taking the time to explain much of it to us. Even when watching them, you could tell they were very proud of their heritage.

We needed to be back at the house by 11:30 so we could be at the airport on time. We were actually purchasing souvenirs at 11:30, or should I say they were purchasing souvenirs were being purchased for us. correspondingly, we left the house at the same time we were to be in the airport.

Well, lunch was not to be on this day, because they set up another security check inside the gate. Still, the exit from the country was relatively smooth; we still had God’s favor on us.

We had a smooth ride into Ft. Lauderdale but then it got chaotic. Our luggage was the last off the plane, we were the last to go through customs, and then, we had some serious security checks, including both of us having to go through the line twice and Cheri even a third time. I am not sure what the full deal was, we were well-experienced at this. I guess God was examining our patience. (I failed again.)

We refused to run to the gate becasue I am simply getting to old to run through airports anymore. As we approached the gate, the anouncer was proclaiming “this is the last and final call for flight 400 to Chicago O’Hare. Cheri and I almost missed it.

Funny, we were 49 minutes early getting into Colombia.

That concludes our trip; it was simply fabulous.

I cannot come close to describing what all God did in us and through us in this journey.

But I can’t wait to do it again.