What an absolutely outstanding day.

I began early by getting up for breakfast at 6 AM, (which btw was huevos, sausages, frutas, jugo de naranja, and cafe con leche.)

Adam picked up Doug and me for the 7 AM service at Centro de Fe y Esperanza de Pedregal. I was to preach in all three services and they are each about 2 hours.

First service had around 1,000 people and they were very interested in the Word that I preached. Their worship was somewhat laid back but I found out later that this was intentional in order to NOT disturb the neighborhood too much that early in the AM. Nonetheless, the worship was very good and very intimate … very enjoyable and engaging. Again, the Word from 1 Peter 2:9-12 was received very well and about 1/2 of the audience responded to the altar call.

The pastors ushered us to a Green Room for frutas and jugos afterward (and these were very much welcomed.) Cheri, Pedro, and Mabel came in at this time. And then we were ready for service number two at 9 AM.

Again, there were about 1,000 people (different) and they all warmly received Cheri’s greeting and exhortation. They also laughed when I sat down while she greeted everyone (as if I was going to let her have the whole service … which I would have if she had felt that she had the Word.)

Again, the Word was well received and a great response was given to the altar call again … this time about 250-300.

Afterwards, we had women who wanted to receive a special word, young girls who wanted us to sign their Bibles and others who simply wanted to greet the US pastors. Of course, Cheri and I were overwhelmed by all the attention.

Again we retreated to the Green Room (which they moved down two flights of stairs so we did not have to climb the spiral staircases. Here we met the ailing Senior Pastor and prayed for him.

Now we have moved to the third service which started at 11 AM. Worship was very lively as was that of the 2nd service. We knew most of the songs and it was wonderful to see them on the overhead and to sing them in Spanish. (Our Spanish is definitely getting better … maybe we are on a second grade level by now. I have learned that I can get around and order food with the sparse amount of Spanish I know.) Service once again ran about 1,000 people and the Word was well received. The congregation, Adam (My interpreter) and I all started getting hot about 12:20 and I knew it was time to wind service down before I lost too many people. Heat can be tolerated only so long. The altar call was very different as I think I was distracted by the heat and the weariness … yet we had a great prayer time at the end of service.

Again, I was really proud of my wife as she faithfully ministered words of encouragement.

We left the church after being again overwhelmed by those wanting to acknowledge us.

We love the food in Colombia; we love the animals and the plants in Colombia … but most of all, we love the people of Colombia. We were not disappointed today.

We then went as a large group to Crepes and Waffles where I had a simple Banana and Chocolate Crepe with a cafe latte con vainilla. It was marvelous. We also ate with both Pastor’s Pedro as well as two other pastors and their wives. We were especially delighted to sit with Elizabeth Soto, one of the Pastor’s daughters who is a missionary and speaks very good English.

We then came home … took a nap … ate supper here at the hotel (where I had some type of smothered steak and a glass of lulu [which was deliciosa.])

It now is near bedtime, I have turned on TV for the first time since being here, Cheri is ironing, and I am about to turn off TV in order to prepare for the pastors’ convention which begins Tuesday.

Adios. Hasta Manana.