Today has been a wonderful relaxing day for Cheri and me; unfortunately, it has been a day of hard work for Doug. He has begun the process of building wooden banks for the moms up at La Cruz to “finish” so that they can begin earning some additional monies. I think he has hit a few frustration points with such things as “soft” wood and unfamiliar tools … yet, he continues to trust God for all of his needs.

Today was a tour day for Cheri and me as we met with Pastor Pedro and Mabel Hernandez, Pastor Pedro and Marlena and Elizabeth Soto, and Adam and headed outside of Medellin through Guarne, Penol, and Guatape where we saw the Piedra del Penol and where we ate in a beautiful little village the in some ways is similar to every other little pueblo in Colombia with its central park, central church, and surrounding shops. What was different about it was the fact that all of the homes and shops in the village painted square designs all throughout their village on the outside of their buildings. It is a beautiful place.

We are lunch at a great little restaurant where I had smothered trucha and chicharonnes with jugo de guanabana con leche. Cheri had their beef flank. The food was delicious but the company and atmosphere was even better.

One unusual feature: Both the restaurant and the restaurant at Piedra del Penol had men’s restrooms that everyone and their brother could see what you were doing. It was a urinal inside a short wall and covered by a swinging door. You could see the man’s legs from the knees down and you could see his upper body from the mid chest up … for all the world to see … and the restaurant did not even have the swinging door … just the short wall. Well, the old adage is: “When is Rome, do as the Romans.” I guess the same thing applies in this situation. FLUSHHHHHHH!

There was not a whole lot of ministry for us today other than the simple encouragement of a YWAM missionary (Elizabeth) who is preparing to go back to Switzerland to further pursue her dream of media for Christ.

Well. it’s time to log off for now. I must prepare for tomorrow’s conference.