Today included a full morning of teaching ministry for Cheri and me. We started of with a quick bite of breakfast because the laundry services did not iron my clothes in time; that meant that I had to ironed a very wrinkled shirt and pair of pants to wear today. So after grabbing our quick bite of beans and rice and sausage as well as a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice, we headed out at 8:10 for the firs day of our Pastors’ Conference. It was held downtown in a former theatre that the Foursquare church uses weekly for their sanctuary. Here were men and women for all different denominations coming together to learn how they can be in unity and to learn how they can be better pastors.

I spoke first regarding a foundation of Covenant with God and with one another. My goal was to provide some foundational teaching to set the pace of good ministerial ethics and good familial ethics.

Cheri then came up after a brief break to minister of returning to one’s first love. She expressed the dangers of ministry as a pastor can become so involved in the work of the ministry that s/he neglects private, personal devotion and familial devotion.

I then came back up and completed the session regarding the God of Covenant. Some of the applicable subjects included the benefits of walking in covenant/ the curses of walking outside of covenant, the Holy Spirit who helps us in our infirmities and weaknesses, as well as the mutual need for one another among the Body of Christ.

Tomorrow should be a much larger group as many could not attend today because of prior ministerial commitments.


The rest of the day was very quiet for us: we went and had lunch and then took a much needed nap. (This heat and humidity is zapping our strength on a daily basis.)

One interesting side note for today: Our house in Sylvania, OH is no longer ours; we closed on it today via POA with my daughter Crystal acting as our attorney. This caused a little emotion because this was the first home we ever owned. However, we fully realize that we have fully closed one important chapter in the book of our lives … only to open a new chapter. For this, we are so thankful for our CLC family in the Chicago area.

Also, I spoke with my Mom today as she is recovering from a near death experience of surgery and mis-administration of medicines. She is now in a physical rehab center in Anderson SC where she is building up her strength and getting better every day … in fact, I can hear a renewed strength in her voice.

Tonight we went out with Pedro, Adam, Libia, and David (seen below) and had what is purported to be Medellin’s best hamburger … it was great as was the hotdog (which instead of chili or peppers had crumpled potato sticks across the top.)

We are now in the room preparing for three teaching sessions with the pastors as well as a Wednesday evening service tomorrow night. God always has a right now word for His people.