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I guess a few closing thoughts are in order here … and I am sure I will have many more as days go by.

God has knit Cheri’s and my hearts with the people of Colombia. We have been to Bogota twice and to Medellin twice … plus Pastor Pedro has spoken to us about coming and ministering in some more Pastor’s Conference throughout the country (with the proposed next one being in Cartagena … which excites us to no end.)

We did not plan on falling in love with the people of Colombia but God had other thoughts … in fact, according to most in the US, we should be scared to be in Colombia … but, my goodness, we live in Chicago, a city was recently known as the murder capital of the US … and we lived in Detroit for several years. It’s not time to be getting scared now.

I said on several occasions that we love the beauty of the land of Colombia … and we love the beautiful birds of Colombia … and we love the flowers and the scenery of Colombia … but more than anything, we love the people of Colombia. We have been with some of the most hungry pastors that we know of from anywhere in the world.

And the congregations of the churches are no different … they too are extremely hungry.

Each of our preaching/teaching encounters witnessed the people "drawing” God’s anointing through us … we loved it and we can’t wait to go back.

Neither can we wait to hear the great things that God will continue to do through the ministries we sewed into this past several days/

And Cheri and I got to minister in power together … that is always so awesome to me. In fact, I am so glad God has placed the two of us together for these few, past 33 years. Cheri is an amazing speaker who carries a heavy anointing. She is well advanced beyond what she may think. I am proud to be her husband.

Anyway, we don’t have dates … but we have our vision set for our next journey to Colombia … probably to Cartagena.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store.


Last days are always sad … but we did get to sleep in just a little. Our plan was to have breakfast, then meet with Pedro to debrief, then head to the airport. All went according plan … except Adam called real early to tell us that he had to run to the emergency room with his son … that would have left us with no interpreter … but he did make it back on time to work us through that.

Pedro settled the hotel account, and I paid for my laundry services, we loaded up, and then headed to the airport.

The trip there was pretty uneventful, although it was very nice to see even more of the beauty of Medellin.

We got to the airport. Adam helped us get our exit tax exemption (which you only pay if you have been in the country for more than 60 days) and then Pedro and Adam bid us farewell so that they could return to their daily duties. This was a sad departure because they have been our constant companions the whole time we have been here … especially Adam.

This is all great … except we find out we have a two hour delay leaving Medellin … which is going to make us miss our connection in Miami … which means American Airlines is going to put us up for the night and feed us in Miami. I have to admit that I am not too excited about this for fear of staying in a dumpy room AND I am ready to finish getting moved in to our new house in Chicago.

We all order lunch in Medellin (which was very interesting because the restaurant workers spoke NO English.) The question now becomes “do we speak enough Spanish to order food?” And the answer is “YES!!!” although it took a little trouble to do so. I had a salad, Cheri had a sandwich, and we split a Coke Zero.

The flight again is uneventful and we wind up in Miami. Again, as has been in all trips to Colombia, getting into the US is an absolute breeze.

We get our luggage and go to recheck, and find out that they have put us in a MAJORLY GORGEOUS hotel. This is a huge surprise. In fact, its kind of like God is really giving us favor … and the bed is soft and cuddly…yeah!!!

Cheri and I are so tired, we basically have a Coke and an appetizer plate and we call it a night. This ends part One of the two part exodus from Medellin.

We are very tired … but content.