I have noticed that my blogs have gotten shorter and simpler as the days have passed; I have also noticed that the content has decayed. This has been a great … but exhausting trip.

Today I don’t have a lot of pictures to share; three of the places we toured were either honor-sensitive or security-sensitive. Nevertheless, I will share a little. Our plan is that when we get back home and have had a few days to assimilate what we have seen and heard, we can blog a much more sensible and meaningful work.

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Our first stop for the day was the ministry of Revive Israel. It is a great, multi-faceted work with Messianic Jews, discipling them so that they have a solid foundation to build upon.   To be honest, it reminded both of us of the early Jesus People movements. We worshipped with them and then prayed over their ministry and our partnership with them. We both could be a part of this amazing ministry…and will be at least with prayer and finances.  Our church will host the couple who leads this group the end of this year!

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Then we headed over to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial. As before, it is such a heart-rending tour. As difficult as it is, however, it is a necessary part of a love and identification with the Jews. (Picture below is the exit from the children’s memorial.)  If you have never visited a Holocaust memorial you need to do it for you, your children and your grandchildren.  It grieves you in ways you have probably never grieved before…and makes you determined to do all you can to see that it doesn’t happen again. 

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Next we headed over to Christians Friends of Israel. We toured their multi-faceted ministry and then prayed as Pastor Jerry ministered to the volunteers there. Of course we then prayed for them. We also brought them a lot of clothing, candy, and coffee for their ministry.  We have been blessed to meet some awesome people in Israel who are there to minister to the Jewish people.

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As a last stop, we then headed to the Old City to tour the Western Wall underneath the city. Here we reached bedrock and perhaps walked on the very road that Jesus walked on. We also saw the gate behind the Holy of Holies … perhaps the one location closest to the Holy of Holies.

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I really can’t reflect a whole lot spiritually right now; I am tired and distracted … but we do hope to reflect over the next few days on what God is speaking to us here in Israel.

One thing that I remember from the day was a statement from Melva regarding us and the Jewish people…”We are the chosen people for God’s Chosen People.”  We are thankful be be in that group.

Tomorrow is our last day and we are anticipating what God will do and say.