I want to challenge each of you reading this.

So often at Christmas we end up focusing on giving and receiving … so much so that we often forget Christ in the process.

So here’s my challenge.

What if we wrapped our giving … at least part of it … in giving outside of ourselves and our immediate families.

Our church has, in cooperation with several missionaries with who we have relationship, put together a catalog of needs and prices where you can give to a need somewhere around the world.

Honestly, its kind of hard to describe.

Here at the church, w actually have a physical catalog where we can choose the item(s) we want to give to these needs. But for you, we have also put this catalog online where you can choose and give online.

Will you check it out … and give outside yourself this Christmas season.

Here’s the link: http://www.clcchristianresources.com/Christmas-Missions-Catalog/