Today was our first and only free day.

We began the day with breakfast which we all enjoyed. We also noticed on the news that Japan was hit last night by a powerful earthquake and were also reminded that about his time last year, we were in Hawaii awakening to tsunami warnings, which Hawaii is again doing today.

George took us on a guided tour today, beginning at a restaurant on the bay inside the walls of the walled city. I made sone fabulous pictures … Many of them … Only to discover that I had not replaced my memory card in my camera after I had imported them into Cheri’s net book. Arguing.

Well, I couldn’t go back and make up for these but I did have my video camera with me and it takes some decent stills. Cheri also had her camera but it doesn’t seem to take crisp photos like my Pentax.

We were in an older part of Cartagena today and I did get to snap a few photos of some of the older homes. They were all very beautiful. We also went up the mountain to an old convent. Here you could see the entire city, both rich and poor. Here too we made many pictures.

Then we went down to the castillo where again we made pictures and where I a was ably to pick up a couple of xxl t-shirts. (They’re actually difficult to find here. I guess most men aren’t the same size as me here.) We also went to an artisan mercado and viewed their goods. I hope we get to go back here.

We had lunch with the host pastors and the administrative pastors as well as Pedro and Adam. We spoke for a long time about what God has done during this time of ministry and we planned for the future. Who knows what God has in store.

And siesta was wonderful although prior to resting, we all tried to catch up on what’s going on about the earthquake.

After our time of siesta, we were picked up at the apartment by Jorge and Dianna. They are such a delightful couple whom God is just beginning to mightily use. They took all four of us out to an incredible meal at a typico Colombian high-end restaurant. Cheri and I both had the most wonderful fish (and they were different from each other.)

Then we had such intimate conversation wherein God was so tangible. It felt good to be used in that way as we counseled and prayed with this couple.

We also sense God changing our messages for tomorrow somewhat so I am sitting up (very) late re-hashing the messages for tomorrow. (Late nights make for long days … so I am praying for divine rest as we finish up our Cartagena Pastors’ Convention Saturday AM.

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