Another incredible day of the Pastor’s Seminar. They are so hungry for God to move in their midst; we are humbled by their pull on us.

The day started with me alone. Cheri had been so sick through the night and I know she was tired from being sick. So I left her at the hotel room after emailing the church for prayer, praying for Cheri myself, and then downing a great cup of Colombian coffee.

When I got to the church and stepped up into the pulpit, I realized something very crucial: I do not necessarily need Cheri to speak beside me or to speak instead of me; I need Cheri for her love and support. It was different Sunday as we went two different directions to minister out of necessity. We each knew that, even though we were ministering in two different places, we had one another’s backs. But this time, i was alone in the pulpit and she was alone in the bed. I had the president of the Pastors’ Association call her at 10:30 … And she Was ready to be picked up so we could team teach. (Thank God Cheri wasn’t carrying the whole load; she was drained of energy … But her heart said preach”)

I spoke about avoiding stagnation in ministry at 8:30; Cheri and I spoke together about a healthy me, a healthy family, and a heathy ministry.

After praying with several pastors, we went to lunch at a large charismatic church that is based in the G-12 movement. This was a gathering of prominent business men and political leaders. It was refreshing to brush elbows with these dedicated Christian leaders of the Medellin community. (and their church, btw, is in the midst of Pablo Escabar’s neighborhood. We actually saw a couple of buildings he built for the community … Very interesting.) Lunch was excellent … And then they asked me to speak. Hmmm, no one told me I would be speaking at this meeting. But I refused to show surprise (i hope) and moved forward with some “now” thoughts God had laid on my heart.

To tell you the truth, we are feeling such an anointing, I think I could recite the ABCs and lives would be changed this week. 😉

We retired to the room for a late siesta where Cheri can simply regain some more strength; in the meanwhile, I will pray and hone tomorrow’s messages.

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Location:Calle 15A 30,Medellín,Colombia