What a fabulous day!

We woke up early this morning for our final day of the Medellin Pastor’s Seminar. We were really excited about what God is doing. Our anticipation was well-paid off. Again we had many visiting pastors who had not registered for the conference and we were honored by their presence … But we were overwhelmed by the attention, reception, and appreciation these registered pastors showed us. One pastor, the president of the Bogota Pastors’ Association came all the way to Medellin from Bogota … And yes, he issued an Invitation to bring these same messages to the pastors in Bogota. We are working on dates for this.

My first message today was concerning Sabbath- being versus doing. It offered very practical recommendations concerning how to transform our performance-oriented lives into Presence-oriented ones.

Cheri then spoke primarily to the ladies concerning the heart of the lioness. A couple of husbands gave her a (fun) hard time afterward. During our break, we were approached by a group of women pastors who invited Cheri to come and speak at their retreat.

For our final presentation, we team-taught Spiritual Disciplines as a way to Spiritual Transformation. Again, we offered practical recommendations from the Word of God concerning spiritual transformation. This is what our hearts have prepared for and this is what we love. As we finished, we had a beautiful time together in the altar. Afterward, we were shown love and appreciation by all in attendance. They presented me with a beautiful, expensive Castiliano shirt (I think I spelled that right) and presented Cheri with beautiful Colombian artifacts jewelry. We were very honored and humbled by their love. We realized that some of these pastors face regular threats from guerilla forces and may not be alive to be at another similar conference, yet they keep serving the Lord.

Marlen then took us to lunch in a quaint Colombian restaurant where Cheri had pescado frijo and I had bandeja paisa … A meal which should easily feed 3 men. We then went to the historical local village which gave us great scenery of the city.

Then we went and had sweets.

No mas! No mas! No mas! I think i have gained 5 pounds in Colombia this time … No kidding.

We got back to the room and Pedro and Mabel, Pedro and Marlena, and Adam took us out to ..l you guessed it … A closing meal.

Leaving good friends is always difficult but we know we shall see these again … And Pastor Pedro is getting me a custom, hand-crafted Colombian guitar for our next visit.

We are packed and ready to go in the morning. It will be a long day of flights and airports … But we are glad to be heading home to our family and our church family … Still, we already miss our Colombian friends.

I will post pictures as soon as we get settled in at home and have the means to do so.

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Location:Calle 15A 30,Medellín,Colombia