In some respects, this has been a relatively uneventful day. We did have one session today with the local ministerial association. We had a good time as I ministered to them about personal integrity and taking care of their personal lives, including their families. You should have seen their faces when I told them that it was ok to turn off their cell phones once in a while. After I spoke, they had their normal business and we had to leave before they were done. I would have liked to have spoken with some of the pastors afterward though.

Cartagena 03 10 11a (11)

We rested much of the afternoon; this heat and humidity is an energy killer.
Early in the afternoon, Cheri and I walked down to the bay. It was a very nice time squeezing off some photos and just being together in the fresh, salty aired breeze.

Cartagena 03 10 11a (5)
Cartagena is certainly a beautiful city and we are quickly reminded that we are staying right in the ritzy part of it. We have seen three bedroom apartments worth millions of dollars, live in maids, nannies, and dog walkers.(We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.)
Tonight we ministered to couples and had a blast as we spoke life and truth into their lives … All was peppered with fun and laughter.Cartagena 03 10 11a (16) Wilson

Unfortunately, we did not get to call my grandson Carson for his birthday because of the timing and accessibility of phones. I am sure he had a great day AND we can celebrate with him at Disney in a couple of weeks.

03 20 2011
It’s time to shut down for the night.

Hasta luego!