Hi All,

I am really sorry that I haven’t shared this with all of you already since it is probably THE HIGHLIGHT of our Disney Vacation. The night that Jim took Jamie & Crystal to Downtown Disney I brought their kids back to the room after swimming and got them ready for bed. Chloe was out like a light. I was trying unsuccessfully to find a kids’ program for Christian and Carson to watch as they drifted off to sleep. We were talking about the day and all the fun we had … that was the day the boys went on the Pirate Adventure. And I don’t really remember how the conversation turned to Jesus wanting to be our best friend but Christian started asking me questions about it … like, how can He live in our hearts (Carson thought that sounded gross) and what did it mean for Jesus to be our best friend, would he do stuff with us … did it mean He would come play with him? And I shared with Christian that when Jesus comes to be our best friend that He will be with us all the time and He will help us make good choices and love people and treat them good and be kind and loving and He will help us do great things. Christian was really interested and I saw that open door of his heart so I asked him if he would like to pray and ask Jesus to be his best friend and he said yes … so I led him in a prayer and He asked Jesus to forgive him and to be his very best friend and help him live his life for Him.

So awesome!

Carson had some interest but not quite ready at his age … he thought it was gross the Jesus would come and live in our hearts and he already has a best friend at school. I told him that Jesus would be his very best friend when he is ready.


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