This review WILL give one important but (I feel) necessary spoiler.

I have loved all of Rosenberg’s fact-fictional writings. Some have called him prophetic in his writings because seemingly, he has been able to predict events before they happened … including the massacre of 9/11 and the capture of Saddam Hussein. Yes, both of these events (and more) were actually written about in his fictional writings.

And he IS an exciting Christian writer with a gripping story.

But all of his previous fictional works were clearly, up front, “to-be-continued.”

Not so with the Twelfth Imam. (and thus, the spoiler.)

In the book, we are again taken to the world of the Middle East where we are presented with several believable characters. And Rosenberg takes the time to develop them all well.

He even ventures into a bit of a taboo field (for Christians) that has a critical tie-in toward the end of this story.

He presents a great understanding of various aspects of Islam AND he presents some of the tensions the world and Islam are throwing at one another.

Again, I was SUPER engaged in the Twelfth Imam.

But my recommendation to ALL readers is: wait until the “follow up” book comes out because you will get so wrapped up in this one … and then come to an abrupt NON-ending.

I wanted so much more and I wanted it NOW.

But, we will wait patiently for the next episode.


Isaiah 49:2- “I am like a polished arrow in His quiver.”

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