Everyday, we get new reports of things that God is doing in the earth. We hear of Palestinians and Arabs in the Middle East seeing visions of Jesus Christ. We hear of God doing miracles among the the Hindus and Buddhists in the Far East. But I think the thing that moves my heart the most is when we hear stories of how God is using pastors in the Latin American countries.

Most of these men and women are working for free (or almost) … at least by US standards. And often, their environments are extremely harsh. Not too long ago, we got the word from a good friend of ours near Medellin, Colombia that his brother, a pastor, was being threatened by the paramilitary because of his church’s work among those who were addicted to the drugs that this militant group was protecting.

While all of the above mentioned activities register in our minds as to what God is doing … it is these pastors who truly touch our hearts because they risk their all to take the message of Jesus Christ among the ones whom many consider to be the least, the poorest, and the worst. They travel over mountains, through flooded areas, and down dirt roads that look more like ditches than they do roads. In fact, they are capable of putting many of us North Americans to shame because of their boldness.

And yet, they are tired, feeling a lack, and looking to us for help. They latch on to every word that comes out of a North American pastors lips. They are looking for a transference of the anointing they sense we have.

And that’s why we keep going back again, and again, and again. They feel that we have something that we need .. and we gladly take whatever that is … and unwittingly end up receiving so much from them. Whether it’s a challenge, a new love, or simply a mental picture of a people who aren’t afraid to risk it all for Jesus … we receive from them

And so Cheri and I make this challenge to you: Would you consider going with us (or with some other team) on a ministry trip to Latin America?

The next one we are planning on is in august and it is to Panama. We do not have firm dates yet, but here is some information for you to begin to look at and pray about: http://cfci.org/#/mission-teams/join-an-open-team   then scroll down to Panama to see more about it.