Have you read the real headlines in today’s news? I’m not talking about the reports that the media wants to slant in order to achieve their particular agenda;I’m talking about what is really going on.

What is going on in the Middle East, for instance?  I am fearful (in a natural realm) on two levels. One, I hear and read of dictators (or whatever you want to call them) who are bound and determined to see Israel erased off the map. Now granted, I am SURE that there has been much wrongdoing from the hands of the nation of Israel. I am sure that they have not always treated people within the borders of their own country in a manner that was always pleasing to God, On the other hand, they are a globally recognized nation that deserves to exist. Further, God tells us that He will bless those who bless Israel. In spite of their wrong doings, I choose to stand with Israel and to support them and bless them … even against untold opposition and negative press.

Second, I am concerned with about ALL of the Palestinian Christians throughout the Middle East, including those in Israel. These are individuals who love the Lord and whom the Lord loves. yet they are facing opposition from many sides, including their own flesh and blood … simply because they are Christ-followers. I KNOW that these men and women are my brothers and sisters and that they deserve my prayers and support. I choose to give those things to them.

I am also concerned with what is taking place within the United States. As I sit here writing this, there is a mobilization to the streets of Chicago to protest various activities throughout the world during the current NATO summit. Police forces and military have already been called upon in the case of protests-turned-riot and looting. This alone is fact enough to be fearful in the world today; yet, I know that God is in control, regardless of what others may say and observe. I do choose to pray that the violence will be at a minimum and that destruction will be minute, if at all.

Our own president has recently placed his OK and same-sex marriages, in clear violation (in my opinion) to Biblical emphases otherwise. And some Christian brothers and sisters get upset at nay-sayers to this concept citing the fact that we should all be either equally be upset about injustice to we should shut up. We must stand for ALL Biblical truth, to the bet of our understanding. Don’t limit me and others as to what we can speak against … when we may be ignorant to other wrongs that are equally in need of speaking against; instead, lovingly educate us. I choose to speak Godly and Biblical standards to the best of my knowledge and understanding.

It has been recently reported that China is now gathering the names of constituents of house and underground churches. If this is accurately reported, then it seems as if a mass arrest (or worse) is imminent in China. And yet, Christians are growing there in faith and in number. I am disturbed with what the government in China is doing … but I am excited about what is taking place among the body of Christ in China. And I am praying for my Chinese brothers and sisters.

Malawi has regions that are heavily influenced by Islam, but the area our contact is working in is NOT one of them. In fact, Roz tells us that there is a great influx of the elderly who are beginning to understand their authority in Christ and who are walking in that authority to take that nation for Christ, Certainly there is a lot to be done, but the movement is in action. I choose to pray for and support the ministries among the orphans and the elderly in Malawi.

And in Colombia, miracles are happening left and right, including one of the leading Drug Cartel leaders turning himself in in Aruba last week and being extradited to the US for charges to be filed. What does that have to do what the cause of Christ? Much, including the fact that prayers are being answered. Additionally, we are hearing reports of improvements and expansion taking place at Mi Casa Azul, a center for ministry to women and children, in the La Cruz barrio of Medellin. Additionally, there is a refreshing taking place among the pastors and Christian leaders throughout Colombia. We choose to pray for and continue to minister to these wonderful leaders throughout Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, Bucamaranga, Cucuta, and other regions of Colombia.

We are excited at what is taking place around the world. We wish the press would report it accurately; nevertheless, we know that God is expanding His Kingdom … and we are glad to be a part of it.